Cylindrical Hall Thrusters

1.0kW Cylindrical Hall Thruster

  • Power range: 200-1000W
  • Discharge voltage: 200-300V
  • Xenon mass flow rate: 1-3mg/s
  • Thrust: 13-40mN
  • Efficiency: 30-45%
  • Channel outer diameter: 9.0cm

100W Cylindical Hall Thruster

  • Power range: 50-300W
  • Thrust: 2.5-12mN
  • Efficiency: 12-32%
  • Dimensions: 7cm diameter × 7cm length
  • Channel OD and length: 2.6cm
  • Two electromagnetic coils (currents co-directed in the annular and counter-directed in the cylindrical configuration). Easily converted form the cylindrical to the annular thruster configuration (extension of the central magnetic ople and ceramic piece).

Cylindrical Hall Thrusters in Operation

(left) Operation of the 100W Hall thruster in annular configuration and (right) operation of the 100W Hall thruster in cylindrical configuration.

  • Input power: 50-300W
  • Annular discharge voltage: 200-300 V
  • Cylindrical discharge voltage: 150-300 V
  • Anode Xe mass flow rate: 0.4-0.8 mg/s
  • Cathode Xe mass flow rate: 0.2 mg/s

Cylindrical Hall Current Plasma Source

This plasma source has a cylindrical ceramic channel of 2 cm diameter and magnetic circuit to produce a solenoidal shape magnetic field. The source is mounted on a 6" conflat flange. The operation input power is 50-100 W. Unlike 2.6 cm and 9 cm cylindrical Hall thrusters this plasma source has no short coaxial channel and no cusp magnetic field.