The Hall Thruster Experiment (HTX) was established by Prof. Nathaniel J. Fisch and Dr. Yevgeny Raitses in 1999. The research objectives of the HTX are:

  • Understanding of physics involved in operation of Hall thrusters and crossed field plasma discharges in general:
    • Electron transport across magnetic field
    • Plasma-wall interactions.
    • Plasma instabilities and their control.
    • Limitations of magnetic insulation in plasmas with magnetized electrons and non-magnetized ions.
    • Scaling of Hall thrusters to micro-propulsion regimes.
  • Interaction of high flux plasma jets with different targets (magnetic field, plasma and solid)
  • Exploring new configurations of crossed field plasma devices for space, scientific and industrial applications.
  • Study of steady state electrical discharge in crossed field devices under various pressures and gases.
  • Measurements of secondary electron emission properties of dielectric materials and semiconductor materials and also surface architectured materials.
  • Electron-beam plasma interactions.
  • Non-equilibrium microplasma discharges.
  • Material processing applications of magnetized plasmas.
  • Applications of ferro-electric materials for efficient ionization and control of plasma-wall interaction in plasma sources.

Operation of the 2.0 KW Hall thruster

Contact: Yevgeny Raitses, Head of HTX.
E-mail: yraitses@pppl.gov